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Reuben Walton
13 January 1991
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This 'About Me' was not all written in one sitting, clearly. So there's no need for it to be read likewise (or at all). But anyway, hey, I'm Reuben. I laugh LOUDLY and A LOT, albeit when in the right company. And it's not because I'm unable to take anything seriously or to be disrespectful, I just have a very broad sense of humor and I like to laugh at life's difficulties. Most people know me by what they've heard, not what they've experienced. I'm now an alumni (nice ring to it, don't it?) of Sturgis Charter Public School in Hyannis, MA, having survived the horrors of the IB program (don't know? www.ibo.org) and graduated in the Class of 2009. I am attending UMass Lowell with a major in Music Business. I am a bass/baritone/tenor vocalist, and am desperately seeking a band
(NON-screamo/metal vocals, thanks) to sing with. I could possibly be the biggest homebody you will ever meet. I hate golf. I feel like I fall in love too easily. Fresca™ is mad good, although I hear it kills sperm cells, or is that Mountain Dew™? I'm personally not straight edge, but I respect those who are. I play electric and acoustic guitar, keyboard, some bass, djembe. I hate condescending people. I'm a big faggot, get used to it or get over it. I love indie music, but am absolutely capable of liking the music on the radio, i.e. there's no pattern to the music I do and do not blast. Mock me. I have a nerdy family. Woods Holians SHIT on townies. I'm young at heart. I love lemonade. I don't generally travel light. I need someone who can be there for me emotionally, because I've been hurt before. I hate when people spell my name wrong. I've spent a ridiculous portion of my life in front of a screen, and I'm okay with that. I have a huge hater parade. I'm constantly losing/misplacing things. And by the way, fuck a civil union, I want marriage. One of my biggest pet peeves is when, during certain social situations, people insult my intelligence and say, as if reminding me, "It's a joke." Keep in mind that this is often said even when I was clearly already in on said joke and was also joking, because their lame attempt at humor wasn't cutting it for me anyway. I'm very verbose, if you honestly needed me to tell you that. It's something I take pride in. Yet oddly enough, one of my social anxieties is a fear that I'm not being properly understood or don't communicate effectively enough. I'm also well aware that many employers nowadays look at people's social networking profiles to get a rounded view of prospective employees, and I can say with relative certainty that the most incriminating and/or unprofessional thing on either my Myspace or my Facebook is my use of profanity, which is an incredibly tame infraction if you think about the incrimination one will invariably find on other people's profiles. I hope (however naïvely) that this, when weighted against my strong work ethic (yes, I'm tooting my own horn at this point) will ultimately prove an irrelevance.

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